Sneak Peak at Our Menu

Paak Dang Delights

At Paak Dang, we take pride in delivering the highest standard of food – not only to tantalize the palate with great taste and smell but to provide a feast for the eyes as well!  To this end, all our food is beautifully presented and prepared with the freshest ingredients sourced from the local markets everyday.

The food at Paak Dang is literally cooked only after we whisk an order off to the kitchen thus giving us the opportunity to cook up something that will cater to each and everyone.  More importantly, for our vegan guests, this also gives us the opportunity to prepare vegetarian versions for some of our dishes.

Whilst we serve Authentic Thai cuisine that caters to our largely foreign clientele, we are also able to prepare our dishes spicier and stronger typical of the local Thai palate.

Food is almost an art form at Paak Dang… Our Chefs and the Paak Dang kitchen are dedicated to constantly upgrading themselves in order to perfect their culinary skills.

Depending on the various seasons, our Chefs create weekly and monthly chef’s specials with what can be found in the local markets so that we will always have something new to offer on our menu.

As all of our dishes are carefully prepared from scratch, our Chefs are happy to accommodate any special requests subject to the availability of ingredients.

Below is a sample of what’s on our menu at Paak Dang and prices average 150B for vegetables and range from 200B to 400B for main dishes.